George's Strategy BUSHwhacks The Terrorists

Actions of both friend and foe combine to give him the victory
of winning the Iraqi war while protecting the USA.

       The strength  and  power he used was delivered by the Army, Navy,  Air Force, Marines, and Coalition and Iraqi Forces.  

       His winning strategy was assisted by the treasonous Statements of USA Politicians, Liberals, the Media, Anti-War Crusaders, Over Seas Allies, the Terrorists of the Taliban, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Libya, and the People of Various opposing Factions of Iraq and His Constant Smile  -- All the above became the  Weapons of Choice for His Unique Strategy.

       Why any man would deliberately subjected himself and his administration to ridicule of the worst kind, and  cheerfully smile while enemy and “friendly enemy” raved against him is reveled here.

         The disclosures herein have been investigated, verified and reported by Paul Coughlin a politically independent publisher for 68 of his 91 years.   


       I had just entered the lobby of a Washington hotel to attend a conference when I bumped into an attractive lady who looked up and smiled in pleasant surprise.  “You are Paul!  Aren't you?   Pat always said that your assistance and counsel made possible the recovery of our business from a very difficult situation.”

           Our conversation continued as we moved to a quiet corner dining room table.
“Pat had a fatal accident about ten years ago,” she muttered.

            “Our friends were most supportive and considerate but were constant reminders of our loss.  At my son's insistence, we sold the business and moved here, thinking it to be glamorous and active.   We leased adjoining suites here and live respectful lives.”

       “Our representatives in Congress have been most helpful and have introduced us to Society.  My son is quite contented,” she continued,  “but the glamor I had hoped to find is not here.  A good man in this town is hard to find.  Most of them easily fit the label of dull.  “The only man to whom I have been introduced that was even slightly exciting was a well positioned confidant, adviser and friend of the President.
           “He was, like I, also bored with Washington.  We became confidants and friends.
“One night, while bemoaning the constant media criticism of his friend, he said, 'if they knew how successfully his strategy is accomplishing its objectives they still would not give him one ounce of credit.

       “'I wish you would keep confidential notes on developments as they occur.  If something should happen to me, you will know the correct time for the release of the information. If asked, Bush will no doubt just smile. A super poker player never divulges his strategy or the way he plays the game. He smiles whether winning or losing.  It pleases his friends, and upsets his enemies.  That smile is part of his winning game plan'.

           “My erstwhile companion,” she continued, “is no longer with the Government and has been out of  town for a while. The information, he outlined to me regarding President Bush's strategy, is being proven correct as the enemy is being vanquished..

        “I have wished to find someone I could trust to share the responsibility.  Then  we meet just as I again need your help.  I recall Pat saying, 'if ever you need advice or assistance go to Paul.'   I will tell you what I know and give you my tapes and notes.   If accepted, you will have the responsibility.

          “For proper presentation purpose and background – of which of course you are completely aware -- the Terrorists hit us several times – the embassies, the troops,  the truck bomb ing of the NY Financial Center, the Cole and other attacks upon our citizens and friends.  They had accomplished all that without any of our appropriate retaliation.

           “Then they hatched a new strategy that would get the attention of all.  From their standpoint it was an innovation that was outstanding in its originality and execution.  The  911 attacks were acts of war that could not and should not be almost overlooked as other acts of al Qaeda  and others had been.
           “Our TV screens displayed Ben Laden laughing and applauding as he heard  the news.  He made a joke that some of his men didn't know they were on suicide  missions.

           “President George W. Bush recognized, as no other recent previous president had, that these attacks were acts of War.  The Terrorists had declared war on us and any Nation supporting them was henceforth also an enemy.  He irrevocably declared we are pursuing the Terrorists, wherever they may be.

           “The United Nations and the Government of Afghanistan joined forces in an effort to eliminate the terrorists in that country and stabilize its existence.

       “Saddam Hussein was then loudly proclaiming his hatred for the USA,  He began preparing training camps and invited terrorists to participate.

      “The Congress of the USA voted a declaration of war against Iraq.  The vote was based on conditions as then existed and all those voting had the identical intelligence information. The problem at the time of the vote was locating and eliminating Terrorists.  Hussein was well into aiding and abetting terrorists and had to be stopped!       

       “Some politicians, however, later flip-flopped and claimed that they had voted for the War because of reports that Iraq was acquiring material for WMD.
       "I remember it being alleged that Saddam Hussein was looking for materials for WMD manufacture but little indication that he had any.   Development of that capability would take years and not warrant a rushed invasion.  Anyone who would vote for immediate war action to eliminate that condition should definitely not be in Congress.   

          As Commander in Chief, Bush must be given credit for commanding the swift moving engagement that gained rapid victory and little causality while defeating our most vocal enemy’s forces.  On the very first day of the conflict the Enemy’s powerful armored force of tanks and mobile artillery were blown apart by heavy bombers of the US Air Force and the enemy ground forces were neutralized by Navy and Air Force tactical bombers.

          The fear of Bush’s rapid coordinated conquest of Iraq resulted in another victory without firing one shot.   Libya gave up completely, paid in full their assessed obligation for the Pan American Air disaster and handed USA all their nuclear facilities and supplies.

          Detractors claim that after the quick victory the administration of Iraq was not properly handled.  According these Media “Authorities” George, the Commander in Chief and his troops were amateurs at the game and all is wrong – bring them home.

BUSH’S STRATEGY was to form  secure areas (Forts) as bases of operations for our troops and the Iraqi Government.  Do not unnecessarily risk life or limb of our coalition or Iraqi forces.    

       There will be many problems outside of those protected zones – most of which will cure themselves or prepare the people there for cooperation when Iraqi military is armed and prepared to join their fight.  

       The more we appear to be suffering a slow defeat, the more our enemies will increase their bets in Iraq and reduce activities in USA and elsewhere.   Stay the course -- many different circumstances will aid our cause while certain time consuming objec tives are being achieved.

        Bush was acting on lessons learned in HBS classes and the off campus poker tables where he was a recognized and seasoned winner.

         He recognized that it would take time for an effective government to be formed and Army and Police, loyal to the government, to be recruited and trained.  Terrorist were moving in growing numbers into and taking over various sections of Iraq vividly demonstrated with threats, murders and bombing that they were not interested in the children or their schools, business, or proper distribution of food and other merchandise. Terrorists were making lives unbearable which created major reasons for the people to unite and prevail.  The influx of foreign Terrorists further demonstrated to the Iraqi people the need to harmonize their own internal conflicts if peace and hope were to be achieved in Iraq.  It takes time for them to learn to identify friends from enemy and begin to trust and work with their own newly formed Government and the Coalition Forces.

          “Bush knew,” the lady continued, “from his Poker experience [a part of the extra curricular education process in Harvard] that the treasonous statements of his political opponents and anti -war critics would encourage terrorists from Afghanistan and all over the world  to join the campaign to take over the whole of Iraq and kick USA out.                                                                    
          “Very soon George W's enemies, at home and abroad, were synchronized in their cheering the Terrorists forward.   As Bush repeated "stay the course.”  Terrorist's pressure was off USA, Europe, Afghanistan, Israel and elsewhere as they moved to defeat USA.

          “Most all other objec tives of al Qaeda were put on hold as they increased their bets against the USA in Iraq."  To Bush it was like being back in the school "sponsored" game -- smiling with a pat hand while the other players upped their bets convinced -- that he’s bluffing!  The terrorists and manipulators were increasing their bets -- encouraged by statements and actions of Bush’s enemies and “friendly enemies”.

          “Even our President could not decide which force was contributing the most to his strategic plans.  Was it the Enemies with their claims of victory or the “Friendly Enemies” with their treasonous declarations of defeat?  They were all now virtually united as one, loudly proclaiming their similar message -- defeated -- retreat (take/bring) the troops home.

          The Iraqi Government and its people were becoming more organized and were recognizing their enemy.  The Iraqi Army was gaining strength in numbers, ability and equipment.   Though, the enemy was still holding large sections of Iraq.  

          George W. had previously prepared for this eventuality with a top secret order to the military to organize and indoctrinate 40,000 troops for rapid over seas deployment.   A new General was selected and told to study the Iraqi situation for the victory surge.  A few months after these secret orders were dispatched --

          It was time for the poker shark to finish the game.   The surge was announced!

          The military was ordered to raise the ante in Iraq by 30,000 troops.  The new General was given the chore of collecting George’s bets, (the elimination of terrorists).  

          The opposition (both enemy and “friendly enemy”) yelled, "It won't work.  You have been defeated."  The terrorists, thus encouraged, hurried more forces into Iraq. Congressional clamoring, to cut off funds to stop the deployment of troops was good news and just another positive move for George.  The enemy will think we have lost our will and up the ante while our troops get into position.  His Poker Strategy was working in  the war as in peace.

 .          Bush’s remarks to the General are here paraphrased:  
Most of the enemy's available forces are in our sights.  We can eliminate a high percentage of them.  Close the Iraqi borders so they can’t escape.  We can now defeat the enemy.  A functioning Iraqi Government will now have control of their Nation.   Afghanistan will be easier for my replacement.

       George W. Bush will still have his USA detractors.  He is well aware of the lot of a master poker player and has learned to enjoy the criticism as a complement and honor to the winner of a well played game against the efforts of worthy and unworthy opponents.  I hope George will forgive me for divulging his game plan but that’s my game.

       It  was amazing how thoroughly the lady had organized her thoughts on the subject.   Following our discussion, she went to her room and returned with a tape that was almost an exact reproduction of her talk,  Detailed notes on the subject and an article by a reputable authority supporting her statements from which I have extracted the quotes  below.    

          Following are direct approved quotes from an article published February 3, 2004 by Thomas Lifson, Harvard B. S. professor, and now editor and publisher of  “The American Thinker”.  (


"The comparatively small amount of attention paid by the political press to the President's Harvard MBA partially reflects a generalized ignorance of, and hostility toward, the degree itself.  
“More importantly, acknowledging that he learned any valuable intellectual perspectives would contradict the storyline that young W was a party animal, who coasted through his elite education, scarcely cracking a book.

"This is patently incorrect.  Having attended Harvard Business School at the same time as the President  ... I am intimately familiar with the rigors of the program at the time and the minuscule degree of slack cut for even the most well-connected students, when their performance did not make the grade.

"There is simply no way on earth that the son of the then Ambassador to China ... or anyone else, could have coasted through Harvard Business School with a 'gentleman's C'.The academic standards were a point of considerable pride.

"Accepting the premise that George W. Bush actually learned the lessons taught him at Harvard Business School, there are a number of characteristics of his administration which become far more understandable.  ...

"The very first lesson drummed into new students, as they file into classrooms of Aldrich Hall, is that management consists of decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.  There is never perfect information, and decisions often have to be made even when you'd really prefer to know a lot more.  ...

"A second broad and important lesson the President learned at Harvard Business School is to embrace a finite number of strategic goals, and to make each one of these goals serve as many desirable ends as possible.  ...

“These goals should be mutually consistent, so that the step-by-step accomplishment
of each one aids in the achievement of the others.

"One final note on George W. Bush's management style and his Harvard Business School background does not derive from the classroom, per se.  One feature of life there is that a subculture of poker players exists.  Poker is a natural fit with the inclinations, talents, and skills of many future entrepreneurs.  A close reading of the odds, combined with the ability to out-psych the opposition, leads to capital accumulation in many fields, aside from the poker table.

"There was both evidence and logic to suggest that George W. Bush has chosen just a handful of major goals.  His current number one priority was thrust upon him, winning a complete victory in the war on terror.  

"By reputation, the President was a very avid and skillful poker player when he was an MBA student.  One of the secrets of a successful poker player is to encourage your opponent to bet a lot of chips on a losing hand.  This is a pattern of behavior one sees repeatedly in George W. Bush's political career.  He is not one to loudly proclaim his strengths at the beginning of a campaign.  Instead, he bides his time, does not respond forcefully, at least at first, to critiques from his enemies, no matter how loud and annoying they get.  If anything, this apparent passivity only goads them into making their case more emphatically."           
Thomas Lifson, Editor and Publisher of The American Thinker                                  

In a poker game a player, following the W. Bush pattern, may appear like he is playing the game wrong.  He will bet high on a terribly poor hand and then when the last player checks out and he has won the pot he will show his hand which has not even one pair.   He may establish this position of bluffing or not understanding the game in several different ways and then when the stakes get higher he will go for the high stakes pot.  All are sure he is bluffing and raise their bets then after all have piled their chips in the pot, his pat hand wins.

All the other players will hate him but that is the lot of a successful poker player.  It's a lesson that is learned over and over again in the games of Harvard. His well polished skills at this part of the Business School experience are note worthy clues into the W. Bush strategy.

Bush's job as he saw and practice it was to promote and protect the interests of the people of the USA.  His tactics and actions were not to the liking of everyone but have  now been proven to be successful.

George W.  Bush, Commander in Chief, was in charge of the  Iraq  war and it has now been proven that his tactics  were successful.                            .                                                                

.                             Paul Coughlin,  Cmdr. Of  American Volunteer Force       (See )