The following article has been delivered to staunch liberals and conservatives and upon their review it received about a 90% approval.   Even the anti-war zealots have generally agreed that the following outline is the way to go to eliminate our Enemies, the Terrorists, and defeat their organizations.

Forget about "nation and democracy building" in Afghanistan and remember and use the lessons learned in Iraq.  Remember Our Mission -- Eliminate Terrorists Where Ever!
Politically, we believe, that is a plan that the majority of our citizens and the military will support.  The many units that control the government of Afghanistan will recognize and appreciate our tactics which will give them control while not interfering in the political realities of their "democracy".  

The authority to govern in Afghanistan comes from the tally of votes reported by the many strictly controlled local units.  Each one of which is under the tight control of a determined leader.  These various leaders will be pleased that we are not continuing to interfering with the control of their local areas.                           Cmdr. Paul Coughlin
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Create safe zones (forts), Increase the use of our advanced technology, turn other areas over to the Afghan Army, move our and allied troops into the safe zones and supply them completely by air.  Ground delivery routs, in that country, are death traps.

Let the Afghanistan people and the War Lords fend for themselves and lead their lives as they wish.  We will give them help only against real terrorist.  This will allow them to get to know friend from foe – just as citizens and tribal leaders of Iraq finally learned.  A variation of the strategy here proposed resulted in our winning of the war in Iraq.

Use to the fullest extent our air-ground technology for observation and precision bombing to punish the terrorists in that entire multi country zone and give serious protection to the lives of our and allied troops.  We now control the bases from which the campaign against the terrorist may be delivered.  

 Aid to the poor and needy would be delivered just outside of the fortified areas.  Help where it is appreciated and needed.  No more Mr. Nice guy!

The enemy will continue to kill civilians after or during each bombing attack and claim that our bomb was responsible. The publicity may, for a while, be adverse to our position but the people in each locality will know the truth. The War Lords, who are now against us, will become acquainted with their real enemy, as they did in Iraq and will assist us in our Mission..

Return  immediately to the accomplishment of our original Mission – The elimination of al-Qaida, Taliban, the terrorist and supporting organizations.

Explain this to the Media and be sure they understand these new tactics and the advantage they offer to all concerned.  When they understand the purpose and goals and what it means to all people most of the editors may give more credit to the positive aspects of this approach instead of only the bad angles.  

Our Mission, if approached in a manner similar to the outline above, will save lives of our and our allies' people at home and abroad and win the war against the Terrorists.  

Cmdr. Paul E. Coughlin, Naval Aviator, WWII -- Air Force, Air-Ground Tactician, Korea -- Army, National Guard, College

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